Welcome to Help section of story4u.in

Story4u.in provides a writing platform for it's user's to write their story article poem jokes shayari and much more. And It also provide easy tool for connecting the other users of the story4u.in.
All you have to do is:--
1. Go to www.story4u.in
2. Click on Join
3. Enter your name and valid email.
4. Choose a strong password.
5. Click on Join button.
If all goes well you will redirected to the Login Page. And you will be able to log in.
If you are a registered user you can easily upload your story.
1. Log in to www.story4u.in
2. Click on New Upload at top right corner.
3. Choose type for your story.
4. Give a title.
5. Copy paste or write your story. (if story is too long please break it in parts)
6. If you agree with Terms & Condition Click Upload button.
7. Your story will be uploaded.
If you have successfully uploaded your story.
It will be verified by the Admin and if it approved ,
It may take 24 hrs to published to on the website.
We will send you a email to your registered e-mail id.
Regarding your story whether it is published or rejected.
It may take 24 hrs.
Please make sure that your story doesn't contain any adult message or its hurting any individual or group of people.
Please login to www.story4u.in
1. Click on My Profile at the top right corner.
2. Click on Setting.
3. Click on change password.
4. Enter your current password.
5. Now enter your new password.
6. Confirm your password.
7. Click on change password.
Log in to www.story4u.in
1. Click on My Profile at top left corner.
2. Click on Setting.
3. Click on edit my profile.
4. Change your detail including (email-id and phone number also).
Please make sure you typed correct user-name or email with correct password.
If you have forgot your password, then
Click on forgot password and follow the instruction.
1. Click on log in.
2. Click on forgot password.
3. Enter Email (register).
4. Clicl Enter.
5. A Password reset code will be send to your email.
6. Now enter the reset code.
7. Now enter new password two times.
Probably you have subscribed for every new story.
You can un-subscribe by clicking the un-subscribe link in your Email
If you are a registered user you can add any
story to your Library by clicking
add to library button at the bottom of every story
Click on the profile link of any person(whom you want). any where in the website.
you will get his/her profile page.
Now click on Add Friend.
your Request has been send to him/her.