Abhilaaj - My Brother

Writer Photo SONIA PARUTHI Thu 17th Aug 2017      Write your Poem
Brother you are a miracle..
Can overcome any obstacle...

Today is your birthday...
Best wishes I convey..

You are like a flower whose fragrance enthralls the onlookers...
You are a good observer....

Abhilaaj is your good name...
May you earn great fame...

I thank God for sending an inveiglement blessing...
When you are around, there is no distressing...

You teach me to dream and fly..
May You bloom in the sky...

May all your dreams come true...
There is no brother like you...

May the bond between us be as strong as God and devotee..
Sonali is name of your bestiee...

Brothers like you are a benediction..
You Make me speechless by writing a fiction...

Best wishes from your little sister..
When you are there nothing seems bitter......


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