me and my friend

Author Photo NITESH KUMAR Mon 27th Oct 2014      Write your Poem
Those thousands of messages
that have been exchanged between us
in social messengers from dawn to dusk.

When the world was at rest
at midnight stage
we had been at some arguments
funnier and ravage.

Those silly tricks that you used
to make the moment ridiculous
and sometime the serious talk
over global issues.

I felt needed,
when you asked me for some favor
I felt special,
when you appealed to stay forever;

I was jealous, when you smile
while talking with other guys
I was angry whenever
spotted your lies;

those restless nights
, just thinking about you,
are the evidence of my love for you;

at this moment, I just want
a promise from your part
that never let me vanish
from your thought:


Author  Photo Pandit Sanjay Sharma 'aakrosh'   (Sun 1st Feb 2015) Jarurat
Budape ko lathhi ki jarurat hoti hai
Javani ko kad kathhi ki jarurat hoti hai
Bhukhe ko roti ki jarurat roti hai
Murde ko kafan kathhi ki jarurat hoti hai
Raste ko manjil ki jarurat hoti hai
Hansne ko mahfil ki jarurat hoti hai
Raat ko chandni ki jarurat hoti hai
Din ko bhi roshni ki jarurat .... Read More

Apni Galtiyon Ko

Author  Photo Uma   (Wed 25th Oct 2017) Apni Galtiyon Ko
apni galtiyon kochupate kyon ho
jo hai zimmedaari usse bhagte kyon ho

ho tum bhi vahi jaise sab hain fir bhi
khud se ye baat na kahte kyon ho

tum chahte ho banna ghar safal
to aadtain bhi banao vaisi

tum ho shreshth ue bhool jate kyon ho .... Read More


Author  Photo Pandit Sanjay Sharma 'aakrosh'   (Thu 12th May 2016) बेशक
अपनी नाकाम चाहत के
गुनहगार थे हम बेशक
पर तेरी ख्वाइशों के
तलवगार भी थे हम बेशक
तेरे हसीन ख्वावों के
मददगार थे हम बेशक
पर तेरी अधूरी फरमाइशों के
कर्जदार भी थे हम बेशक
अपने उसूलों के
दमदार थे हम बेशक.... Read More


Just free Verse
playing with words.

I think it’s the perfect time to speak.
Just want to spit out, all these Shit.

Damn. : @

what had happened to this World Again,
Turning Good and reasonable peoples into complex insane..... Read More

I am Sorry

Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Sun 8th Oct 2017) I am Sorry
I am not perfect..
I make you upset...
I make mistakes..
Which gives me excruciating aches..
I am sorry to hurt you..
I apologize from deepest point and that's true..
Never aspire to be the cause of someone's tears..
All the pain I have to bear..
Just wanna see you smiling..
Which will be the best medicine for my wound for healing....... Read More


Author  Photo Pandit Sanjay Sharma 'aakrosh'   (Fri 6th May 2016) फरियाद
तुम कब्र पे आकर मेरी
ये फरियाद कर देना
खुदा को याद करके तुम
मुझे भी याद कर लेना
खुदा से पूँछ लू जाकर
तुम उसके बाद कर देना
खुद को आबाद कर देना
मुझे बरवाद कर देना

पं संजय शर्मा आक्रोश'.... Read More

Meri zindagi

Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Thu 11th Jul 2019) Meri zindagi
Waqt ki ho dhup ya tej ho aandhiyan,
Talaashti hai sirf aapko meri ankhiyan.

Kuch kadmo ke nishaan kabhi nahi khote,
Kuch khaas dur hokar bhi dur nahi hote.

Jinhe yaad kar hothon par muskaan aa jaye,
Saara jahan mera mere humsafar mein samaye.

Sabse anmol hai mera humsafar,.... Read More

My dear friend...

Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Thu 28th Sep 2017) My dear friend...
Thanks for being he part of my life...
Your heart has beautiful eyes...
You really bring best in me..
With you all the problems flee..
World's best friend who is always ready to do anything...
You are really a blessing...
You taught me the true meaning of endurance..
Taught me the difference between sense and nonsense..
Changed the way of my thinking..
When I was sinking....... Read More

About a Bounded Girl

Author  Photo Akshita Kothari   (Tue 29th Sep 2015) About a Bounded Girl
उडना चाहती हूँ
उडना चाहती हूँ
टूटना चाहती हुँ, बिखरना चाहती हुँ.
बस एक बार में उड़ना चाहती हुँ.
बस एक बार में उड़ना चाहती हुँ.
गिर कर फिर उठना चाहती हुँ.
बस एक बार में चलना चाहती हुँ.
गिरूंगी नही तो सम्भालूंगी कैसे.
तेरे अांचल में रही तो सवरुंगी कैसे.
इस द.... Read More