A Birthday Treat

Writer Photo NITESH KUMAR Sat 26th May 2018      Write your Poem
The weather was like naughty baby
Chilly ,cloudy but melody
Sun has bunked its pendulumness
To create the situation of associableness
It all created an illusion in mind
Which seemed to be twilight ;

And we the group of ten flowers
Assembled together round a table
Like a beautiful bookey,perfectly arranged
With cake at centre ,AMAN: named

The room was nt less than palace
With peace of night, dimmed light
But moment later we realised
The darker face of the sight ;

In the tunnel we engulfed
Seeing faces like dethroned
And feeling of revolution sets in our mind
Against the creature of different kind
They were nt happy they were nt sad
They were just machine who could breathe;

We wanted to chirp like birds
To feel ridiculous
And to laugh on the faces, serving us
But we're constantly restricted
By their rule of gentlemanliness
Though the dish was relish
And the way we started was loutish
Bt we rush to end the feast as soon
To came out of dat strangest place



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