Author Photo Kundan Kumar Verma Sun 1st Feb 2015      Write your Poem
Juda hue ho jis waqt se,
Tumhari yad satati hi rahti h,

Sochta hu mai tanhayi me jab bhi,
Us Haseen beeti yadoo ko,
Na chahkar bhi Mere Ankhen nam ho jati h,
Har ek yad Dil se nikalti hi jati hai,
Betein din ki wo Mulakate Gile-N-Sikwe,
Wo rah rah kar ruthne-manane ki yaden...
Har pal Ek pal me jindgi ki yaden,
Bhulane se bhi na bhulne wali yaden...
Gujrate es ek pal me,
Us haseen pal ki yaden...
Kaise kahu tumse u bhichhadkar,
Mano jism hai par jan hi nhi hai,
Ab aa bhi jao lautkar mere pas,
Aur dal do jine ki umeed mujhme,
Phir na jana mujhse dur,
ki pas lane me guzar jaye,
Kitne hi Khubsurat haseen pal...
Teri apnapan ki Ehsaas ki khushboo,
Ab har lamhoo me Mahsus karta hu,

Juda hue ho jis waqt se,
Tumhari yad satati hi rahti hai......

Mom is the Superwoman

Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Sun 14th May 2017) Mom is the Superwoman
Happy Mother'S DAY TO ALL THE Supermom'S IN THE Whole World!

MOM is the reflection of WOW...

MOM is the most pulchritudinous creation in this gratifying world....

MOM is the one from whom we can expect unconditional love....

MOM Is the one at the bottom of whose heart we will always find forgiveness....
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Author  Photo SHOUBHIK DEOGHARIA   (Wed 17th Dec 2014) LAST CRY
A drop of rain,
just came when I was in pain.
Ya its come through my eyes,
When Last time I said you Goodies.

Time seem to be Numb,
and my body seem to be in tight firm.
Just my eyes was in motion,
Its seem as it will form a ocean.
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The Harsh Truth

Author  Photo cravingsoul   (Tue 19th Jun 2018) The Harsh Truth
A country with talents yet to explore
Seldom indeed but breaks the records
Roots hastened to the very core of
Vedas untying the folk lore.

Roots of poverty invisible in abyss
Malnutrition crippling the penurious souls
Dying faith in supreme Deity pressurises to surrender
Every consecutive day obstacles paves the way.
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LIFE.. ?

Author  Photo Shrivastva MK   (Wed 4th Oct 2017) LIFE..  ?
Life is a game of various events,
play  it  carefully.

Life is a aligation of various feelings,
enjoy  it  with  happiness.

Life is a part of beautiful nature,
save it from  troubles.

Life is a store of knowledge,.... Read More

My Love: Mata Rani

Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Sat 19th Aug 2017) My Love: Mata Rani
Mata rani you are my soul..
You play a preeminent role...

Your flame gives me motivation..
You are my completion...

Without you I am expurgated..
Without you I feel suffocated...

You are my heart...... Read More

My school my pride

Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Thu 11th Jul 2019) My school my pride
Like a child resides for nine months in mother’s womb,
Beautiful is the journey of nine years, amenity is my sweet home.

Whatever I am today and will be in future,
Most comforting arms of mother amenity is my creator.

My school is my favorite hello and the toughest goodbye,
Farewell brims my heart and transcend my eyes to cry.

Memories will always be cherished in my heart,.... Read More

A woman' desire

Author  Photo Oriada Dajko   (Sat 26th May 2018) A woman' desire
A lonely woman near a window,
looks after the sun under the shadow.
Her whisper becomes a cloud.
A cloud painted into the sky,
created by the hand of God,
designed by my mind.
A beautiful woman is a wind,
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Author  Photo   (Sat 16th Sep 2017) Happy
Someone is there
To make me happy
I am happy
Coz someone is happy
Eyes have smile in them
Cheeks are full of happiness
Yes yes yes
It feels alive to b happy
I am happy
Coz someone is happy.... Read More

Abhilaaj - My Brother

Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Thu 17th Aug 2017) Abhilaaj - My Brother
Brother you are a miracle..
Can overcome any obstacle...

Today is your birthday...
Best wishes I convey..

You are like a flower whose fragrance enthralls the onlookers...
You are a good observer....

Abhilaaj is your good name....... Read More