हवस और नारी

Author Photo Sanjeet Kumar Pathak Thu 13th Nov 2014      Write your Poem
कितना बदल गया है भारत,
हवस रोटी पर भारी है,
जहाँ पूजी जाती थी पहले,
अब हर पल लुटती नारी है.

जो कभी थी लक्ष्मी बाई,
आज खुद बेचारी है.
अपने आबरू की भीख मांगती,
ये कैसी लाचारी है?

पहले था धृतराष्ट्र नयनसुख,
अब क़ानून ही अँधा है.
द्रौपदी हारी थी एक जुए मे,
अब हर नज़रों से हारी है.

हर मोड़ पर लूटने वाली,
बेटी बहन किसी की है.
अरे ! नोच रहे हो किसको ?
देखो, शायद बहन तुम्हारी है.

Sweet Teacher : Hemlata Ma'am

Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Mon 28th Aug 2017) Sweet Teacher : Hemlata Ma'am
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All the problems flee..
Unlocks my mind..
You are so kind...
You have a gorgeous smile..
Can walk with you for miles..
You plant a seed in my land..
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Happy Birthday Grandpa..

Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Mon 7th Aug 2017) Happy  Birthday  Grandpa..
Finally the day has come...
I find myself mum...
Awaiting eyes are still finding you....
Don't know when the day will come when a converge..

Today is the special day of my life..
I have Been anticipating since a long time..
When I am down.. I wanna glance into your eyes..
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Woman to Woman

Author  Photo Akshita Kothari   (Mon 19th Sep 2016) Woman to Woman
Woman to Woman
A woman gives birth to another woman
A woman teaches lesson to another woman
A woman nurtures another woman
A woman hurts another woman
A woman consoles to another woman
A woman scarifies for another woman
A woman resembles another woman
If a woman is shadow of another woman
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Author  Photo Sahaj Sabharwal   (Sun 7th Apr 2019) FRIEND'S DEPARTURE POEM BY SAHAJ SABHARWAL
Time has come now ,
For an ending, wow.

Your friendship will be no more,
Your absence will make things bore .

Gossips with friends ,
Learning new trends .
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Author  Photo Dr. Baljit Singh   (Sat 26th May 2018) CHILDREN SLEPT IN EXCITEMENTS
Children slept in excitements
I too got up early today
It is Christmas,
Lord Jesus Christ’s Birthday
Many Happy Returns of the Day
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Children ‘Open gifts day.’
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A Lovely Girl

Author  Photo Govind Raj   (Fri 3rd Jul 2015) A Lovely Girl
A Lovely Girl Is One Whose

Smile Is Magic
Never Tell Lie
Ever Trust Worthy
Heals Injury
Acceptable Everything
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Chicken or Egg?

Author  Photo Realize the Truth   (Tue 11th Dec 2018) Chicken or Egg?
Chicken or egg - what came first?
Can't find an answer that will quench my thirst.
“Of course,” said the chicken, “it was me.
Without me, how could the egg ever be?”
This question goes round, and round and round,
But to most, the answer is never found!

For without the chicken can an egg be laid?
“And how could there be a chicken without me?” the egg said.
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Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Wed 18th Oct 2017) Hurt
Sometimes it's good
To hurt others for their good
I don't have anything to say
Cannot give you what you say

Broken heart is never healed
Vaccancy will never be filled
I cannot be the burden on you
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Happy Birthday .. my friend..(Archana Ma'am)

Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Mon 28th Aug 2017) Happy Birthday .. my friend..(Archana Ma'am)
A divine soul
Uplifted me mole by mole..
Today is your special day..
Happiness comes at your door ; I wish to
Hope your birthday brings you joy..
May each day you enjoy..
You are my heart..
To create you God has used bewitching art..
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