The DEATH took away an iron man after 80 hours lying under the three layers of concrete

Writer Photo Kazeronnie Mak Sun 10th Sep 2017      Write your Story
Based on a true story, which took place in Sichuan, China after a massive earthquake on 12 May 2008.

In his last few words, he said, ‘I am the first one who is lying under the three layers of concrete in the world.
I don’t have any great ambition in my life.
All I want to do is just sharing a quiet life with my adored wife.
I won’t give my family up. I need to be tough.
I have to be tough for the one who is deeply in love with me.
I have to be tougher to carry on with my life.
I hope all of you are the same.
Be brave in front of any difficulty !’

He was dead a few minutes later after the rescuers pulled him out.
All the people were broken down and cried over.
He had married to his lovely wife only six months ago, and he was a father soon to be.
By the same time, his wife was seeking for him all over the places.
The rescuers tried to put the two on phones, but they could not make it at last.
She wept terribly and said they just got married for six months and
they were very much in love with each other !
She also said her husband was a tough and a very nice man!

He touched the millions of people by how much he persevered with his passion for LIFE !!!


The story is telling us about a simple man,
how much he persevered with his passion for life.
Life is fragile, helpless, variables sometimes.
All we can do is to learn how to treasure everything we have
at this moment, this time, this life !!!
Please let your love one to know how much your love is
to her / him when you both are still staying together
before it is too late.


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