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For you!
Sunday, 3.30 PM, blazing sun, clear sky, butterflies in stomach, lots of expectations, so many feelings for the upcoming moment and finally the boy in an off white shirt and a black denims on a passion plus was right in front of me. In a moment without a second thought I got on it, no looking back henceforth, oh !! that evening blessed us with a lot of wow moments. Yes, the expectation was fulfilled. After six months of touch over the phone brought the first meeting with his proposal. Somebody has truly said “a lot can happen over a coffee”. Eventually, that evening turned to be the most memorable moment of life. He dropped me back home by 5.30 P.M. Thereafter, every night in phone and every morning in thoughts of him. Frequent meetings, dates, rides were over the top. With every passing day my happiness was increasing leaps and bounds. The love in my life came with a bunch of roses. However, some tits and bits tried to bring the enthusiasm down but love was in the air. Yes, we were so much in love, one meeting ended and the other was on the queue. From waking each other up in the morning to having lunch Having lunch, fighting for the same brownie to wishing a warm good night was together. An year passed by, we had our first fight, both of us were upset but made over soon which is as obvious as in every relationship and very soon we understood fights are inevitable in every relationship and from there on we had regular fights. Generally it is said fights and squabbles make the bond stronger but in our case it did turn out to be in our favor. Both of us tried hard to be with each other but our ego, attitude, and self contentedness took over our love. Now every day passed in arguments and every night in going rough at each other. Oh, what a sheer degradation in relationship. Further, we were quite comfortable not being with each other, although by heart , we craved for those moments once we had, moments when we were so much into each other that the world round didn’t mattered a bit to us. The most unique feature of our relationship was we fought with our hearts crying. There were no tears in the eyes but the heart was bleeding inside. And then, the worst nightmare knocked, 31st august, 2013-9 p.m. during our fight, my love faced an accident. And it was the biggest turning point of all. I decided to quit, I backed off, No, to me my love’s life was more important than myself, our relationship and way beyond the fights we had on stupid unimportant things. Officially, we broke up. How ironical, we separated out of love. Yes, the last opportunity of being together one last time was over forever. And now its more than a year we are not together anymore. The continuous calls that were once my life, the togetherness, the heart-warming feelings are only in my imagination now. It is truly said, never try to take that ‘one more chance’ to set things right ever in your life. Trust me, nothing can be as excruciating as not being with your love, who is your life. Always remember, Its only ‘you’ who can make it or break it.


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