I am happy unmarried mother of a little girl

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I m an unmarried mother of a little girl.. neither im i in any relationship ... im happy single mother .. becoz whenever i see her face .. those little eyes .. that beautiful smile ... my difficulties .. pain .. frustration .. everything jst fade away .. she is an angel for me
i m 23 and i m practicing dentistry .. i got my little gal 3 years back .. she is truly a blessing
now here is the confession .. Im not her biological mother ... i dont even kno who is her real mother .. and now i dont even care .. because for me and for my daughter .. only the truth is she is my daughter n im her mother
the day i found her .. i was returning from my colg .. was the last day of my board .. i was planning a lot .. holidays fun party n all.. on the way behind a bush (normally people pee over there.. throw garbage) i heard smthng unusual .. 1st i thought some1 was peeing then on 2nd thought i step backward to see what is making a sound .. may be a lil puppy .. but no .. there was a little baby ..so cute .. when i uncover her.. c started crying .. people then began noticing me n a baby.. they even thought i was the 1 who was going to throw her .. i had no idea what to do .... people were asking me questions .. but my whole attention was on that baby .. she needed an immediate medical help.. she was suffocating .. without any single thought .. i rushed to my colg.. which is a hospital too.. they kept her there for 2-3 days .. i told them she is a daughter of my sister .... i console my father to pay bill ..but when its time to take her home .. every 1 was against it .. dad was going to inform a police .... he even set up every thing for sending that small lil gal to an orphanage
i tried a lot to console him .. but all in vein .. he is not ready.. not even my mom .. my parents has already 2 daughter so may be they were not willing to keep another..n yes its not easy adopting a baby ..
but as i m very stubborn .. i manage to console my parents.( they r still against it ) they made papers n whatever legal things .. n left whole responsibility on me.. it was hard at first .. changing diapers.. feeding her.. n every little thing .. i really hav to manage my time .. becoz i had to study too.. some how my parents helped me .. i m very grateful to them .. dad .. although he doesn't like my baby .. but he paid for everything .. n my mom .. she took care of her when i m out ...
seriously i was not willing to make her my daughter .. but when she first started speaking .. she looks towards me n pronounced "ma" .. may be becoz c heard me calling mom frequently .. yes i was happy .. she called me mom .. that unknown happiness .. my parents were not happy abt it .. becoz of society .. they call me names .. my family wants society to shut up .. they want me to announce truth ... but NO i m nvr going to do that .. or let no one do it .. its ok people can call me any things .. but i cannot hear a single wrong word for my daughter
now i m earning myself .. not much but enough for my daughter.. now i don't ask single penny from my dad
i know some day my family will accept her like i do .. love her like i do.. see her the way i do


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