बद-से-बदतर हालात प्रिये

Author Photo Sanjeet Kumar Pathak Thu 13th Nov 2014      Write your Poem
अनचाहे जब मिल ही गए हैं,

कर लेते हैं कुछ बात प्रिये.

अपना हाल सुनाओ तुम,

यहाँ बद-से-बदतर हालात प्रिये.

कैसे तेरे दिन कटते हैं,

कैसे कटती है रात प्रिये?

मैं तो पल-पल मरता हूँ,

कैसे तेरे लम्हात प्रिये?

तेरा बोर्ड जाल भी तेरे

तेरे मोहरे चाल भी तेरे

मैं भूल गया औकात प्रिये.

चलो खेलें फिर खेल वही,

शह तेरा मेरी मात प्रिये,

सुना है बाज़ारों में बिकते हैं, अब

किलो के दर जज़्बात प्रिये.


Author  Photo Prédicateur d'Hérésie   (Sat 22nd Sep 2018) Fading
Rays of light shine on her body,
Sweat trickles down her neck,
Smoke leaves her nose,
Alcohol flows into her mouth,
Heat liberated from her breath.

Sitting in this dark corner,
Doing what we aren’t meant to do,
The thrill of it slowly grows dim in me.
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Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Wed 13th Sep 2017) YOU ARE MY LIFE...
Life is spending it with a dear one..
Life is as bright as sun..
Life is beautiful when you are a part of it..
No pain can hit..

Life is like a fragrance of flower if spent with such a friend like you...
Every trouble flew...
You are a blessing..
I know your heart is prepossessing...... Read More

Shree Krishna

Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Mon 14th Aug 2017) Shree Krishna
Shree Krishna ....

Your name is sweeter than mishri...
I love you so dearly...

You are a divine soul...
How cutely..the maakhan you stole...

Today is your birthday....
Countless blessings you give.. How to repay........ Read More


Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Sat 7th Jan 2017) PARENTS
Parents are the one's
One can expect unconditional love
Parents are the one's
Spanking and stunning
Parents are the one's
One can sacrifice life
Parents are the one's
Gorgeous and gratifying creation
Parents are the one's
One can make smile.... Read More

Sweet Teacher : Hemlata Ma'am

Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Mon 28th Aug 2017) Sweet Teacher : Hemlata Ma'am
You are a key..
All the problems flee..
Unlocks my mind..
You are so kind...
You have a gorgeous smile..
Can walk with you for miles..
You plant a seed in my land..
I am happy to walk by holding your hand...
Proficient teacher of Hindi..
You attire a beautiful bindi...... Read More

Happy Birthday Grandpa..

Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Mon 7th Aug 2017) Happy  Birthday  Grandpa..
Finally the day has come...
I find myself mum...
Awaiting eyes are still finding you....
Don't know when the day will come when a converge..

Today is the special day of my life..
I have Been anticipating since a long time..
When I am down.. I wanna glance into your eyes..
Every time you showed me the path of right when I am wrong...... Read More

To get success

Author  Photo Nasir   (Sat 30th Jan 2016) To get success
BY:-Nasir Zia(NZ)
(thought written in poem style)
{think about my quotation in all field}
If you want to get success,
Believe in yourself!
Believe in yourself!
Sometimes you may be helpless,
But don't mind;
Try again and again!.... Read More

The will of HEAVEN

Author  Photo Kazeronnie Mak   (Sat 26th May 2018) The will of HEAVEN
All creatures are the will of HEAVEN.
It started from the ancient time to elongate till now.
How much can the earthling gain or lose ?
HEAVEN commands it all.
Does HEAVEN truly understand all kinds of distress ?
Why does HE not to guide the earthling ?
Why do the ordinary people never obtain the basic request ?
We are merely a simpleton or a dreamer.
Why does HE not to let us to move half step further ?
Can HE show us a tiny mercy, please ?.... Read More

No other friend.. [ I wrote this for one of my best friend ]

Author  Photo Raya   (Fri 9th Jan 2015) No other friend.. [ I wrote this for one of my best friend ]
No other friend is quite like you,
No other friend could do exactly what you do.
No other friend could listen to my dreams,
No matter how weird it all seems.
You're the one that there for me when I needs a friend,
We are gonna be tight till the end.
We always have fun when we are together,
We always find something to do,
No matter what the weather.
No other friend could understand me like you do,.... Read More