Chal Musafir

Author Photo Pandit Sanjay Sharma 'aakrosh' Sat 31st Jan 2015      Write your Poem
Chal musafir chalta ja
Duniya kam karta ja
Houslo se tu apni
Mushkile hal karta ja
Jindgi ke is safar par
Tu hi aage badta ja
Chal musafir chalta ja

Raste mai aayengi
Mushkile bahut si magar
Housla dil mai agar
Ho tumhari koi dagar
Rakhni hai tumko apni
Khud ki manjil par najar
Apne hatho khud ki apni
Kismat ko tu likhta ja
Chal musafir chalta ja

To get success

Author  Photo Nasir   (Sat 30th Jan 2016) To get success
BY:-Nasir Zia(NZ)
(thought written in poem style)
{think about my quotation in all field}
If you want to get success,
Believe in yourself!
Believe in yourself!
Sometimes you may be helpless,
But don't mind;
Try again and again!.... Read More


Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Sun 7th Apr 2019) I MISS YOU
You are the only special one,
Who means to me more than anyone.

To have a love that is pure,
Everything can cure.

To be loyal to someone is the heart's innermost desire,
You are my only mahadev I have always aspire.

Missing you is my hobby,.... Read More


Author  Photo Shrivastva MK   (Sun 26th Nov 2017) IF THE TIME STOP...?
If the time stop when
You are with me,
I love you more than that moon
plz believe on me,

How will i tell you that
I can't live without you,
You are my life &
My life depends on you,.... Read More

Grandmother: I Really Miss You A Lot

Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Mon 28th Aug 2017) Grandmother: I Really Miss You A Lot
In the garden of my memories..
I aspired to live with you for centuries..
Unfortunately, you left me alone in this brutal world..
Sweet memories in my heart still swirl..

You are as beautiful as dove...
You are my belove...
You are an ocean of love...
To live with you until my last breath, the wish I wove..
.... Read More


Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Mon 31st Jul 2017) PAIN...
We are gifted this life by God
Because we are strong enough to handle it in any mood...
Pain is breaking of shell..
Which we all face at hell..
Pain has its own noble joy..
Which make us destroy..

The pain of the mind and heart
worse than the pain of the body.
We need to find a place inside us .... Read More


Author  Photo Shrivastva MK   (Tue 10th Oct 2017) LOVE V/S HATE
**Love** comes with hapiness,
**Hate** comes with deppresion & sad,

Love is a symbol of truth,
Hate is a symbol of evil,

Love means union of two hearts,
 But.... Read More

My adorable sister

Author  Photo Neeraj Kalra   (Mon 28th Aug 2017) My adorable sister
Some lines written for cutesy
The mushy heart as seems as tulsi
The one whose divine is heart
Her comely smile work as art
Few words describe my Angel
The cutey smile make her archangel
The words speak some special today
The birthday wishes coming to say
My lovely sister you are my queen
Your touchy love make us preen .... Read More

Thanks grandpa for making me the part of your poetry

Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Wed 12th Jul 2017) Thanks grandpa for making me the part of your poetry
Sacred joyousness fills her wonderful heart
Ostentation is shown very little regard
Natural grace flows through her skilled pen
Inquisitive thoughts sparking poetic beauty
Admirer of what is good and of high quality
Potee who remembers and cherishes the past
Artistry blossoming from blest, fertile soil
Raajakumaaree in spirit, with wisdom adorned
Undertaking a journey of exploration and wonde.... Read More

Love Sick.... ;-) ;-)

Author  Photo Manisha Banerjee   (Mon 23rd Mar 2015) Love Sick.... ;-) ;-)
fr u....

loved u earlier, ll love u forever
baby..u mean eternity to me
fought,kissed,abused,loved......spearheading oll boundariezzz.....yes..u were there,
u were wid me...i was too.......expecting more f u..u..u..
damn..i gotta understand..
u din withstand........
few emotions..
wanna breathe peace..wanna break down....... Read More