Best Wishes To An Angel- Sonali Kaul

Author Photo SONIA PARUTHI Fri 18th Aug 2017      Write your Poem
winsome lady
made the world go crazy...

She is an ocean of love
who is as beautiful as dove...

An angel born on 15 August
made the flower of happiness burst...

Brings laughter and joy...
Abhilaaj is her bestiee, kind hearted boy.....

Sweetness dwells in her sacchariferous heart...
She has used a divine art

To draw the painting of literature
By writing provocative creations on beckoning creature..

No body can challenge her prudency..
She has an outstanding fluency...

So sweet is her lovely voice
Overflowing with transcendent rejoice...

As dance can reveal the mystery of music..
Sonali's poetry are a magic and heal to sick..

May she be blessed with abundant happiness on this Auspicious day...
She is most beautiful creation on earth, let the god say..

She is like a flame of candle
Which brings ray of light in situations difficult to handle....

Your love for me has always been enduring...
Hope for your future which is alluring...

My loving sister and sweetest friend..
Best wishes and benedictions i would love to send...

To be like you I wish to aspire...
Seeing you happy is a great respire..

You are a divine soul came in my life..
You are as sweet as honey in beehive...

You are like a rainbow in the sky..
I am a big fan of you, don't know why...

Thanks for correcting me when i am wrong..
Your utterance is as prepossessing as the song...

You are a poem of earth..
Like the song of rain which heals the heart...

I hope you will find plenty of sweet memories to cherish forever.
You will always find me with you Because the world is so clever...

May the bond between us be sweeter each passing day..
Like a lump of sugar in the mouth of kid in gay...

May your coming year surprise you with the happiness of smiles...
I will be ready to walk with you for miles...

Happy birthday.. God bless you..
Hope your special day, brings you all that your heart desires!
May god fulfill all your aspires...

Happy birthday dear..

I will always love you my love...!!!!

Author  Photo Devkant   (Thu 24th Mar 2016) I will always love you my love...!!!!
Humne joh ki thi mohabbat aaj bhi hai ...
Teri zulfon ke saaye ki chahat aaj bhi hai ...
Raat katti hai aaj bhi khayalon mein tere ...
Deewanon si woh meri haalat aaj bhi hai ...
Kisi aur ke tasavvur ko uthti nahi,
Baimaan aankhon mein thodi si sharafat aaj bhi hai ...
Chaha ki ek baar c.... Read More

हवस और नारी

Author  Photo Sanjeet Kumar Pathak   (Thu 13th Nov 2014) हवस और नारी
कितना बदल गया है भारत,
हवस रोटी पर भारी है,
जहाँ पूजी जाती थी पहले,
अब हर पल लुटती नारी है.

जो कभी थी लक्ष्मी बाई,
आज खुद बेचारी है.
अपने आबरू की भीख मांगती,
ये कैसी लाचारी है?
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Salamat rhe aap

Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Thu 11th Jul 2019) Salamat rhe aap
Pta nahi kyu rukta nahi ashqon ka behna,

Jab bhi yaad aati hai aapki aankho se hain kehna.

Hoth kuch keh nahi paate,

Dil aur rooh bhi seham se jaate.

Chaha hai aapko chahat se bhi badhkar,
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हे राम तुम्हारी दुनिया मे इंसान बदलते देखा है

Author  Photo Pandit Sanjay Sharma 'aakrosh'   (Wed 1st Nov 2017) हे राम तुम्हारी दुनिया मे इंसान बदलते देखा है
सूरत को बदलते देखा है
सीरत को बदलते देखा है
हमने इस जालिम दुनिया की
नीयत को बदलते देखा है
रूप बदलते देखा है
और रंग बदलते देखा है
कुछ लोगों का हमने तो
रंग ढंग भी बदलते देखा है
चाल बदलते देखा है
और ढाल बदलते देखा है.... Read More

Chalte Chalte

Author  Photo Uma   (Sun 24th Sep 2017) Chalte Chalte
lo aa gaye ham bhi chalte chalte sabki katar me
hain samjhaute aur zimmedariyan is sansar me
par kyon bane ham aise kyonki ye reet hai
zaroori kya hai ye reet ya phir meethi meethi preet hai
ai khuda mujhe baksh de aisi nemat jise mai samjha sakun use k mai aur vo ya koi aur hain khud k chitrak.... Read More

जिंदगी और मौत

Author  Photo Pandit Sanjay Sharma 'aakrosh'   (Tue 1st Sep 2015) जिंदगी और मौत
जिंदगी इक ख्वाव है तो मौत इक हक़ीक़त
किसे कब आगोश में ले ले ये उसकी अपनी फितरत
मेरी राहों में उसे कब आना है उसे तेरी भी जरुरत
उसे मेरी भी जरुरत

तेरे बगैर जिंदगी अब यूँ ही बेजार सी
तड़प रही है रूह मेरी बेकरार सी.... Read More

Crying heart

Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Thu 11th Jul 2019) Crying heart
Crying is how your body speaks when your mouth can’t explain the pain you feel,
Why some of the pains deep buried inside the heart never heal?

Deep cries under the shower are most painful,
No one could see me crying have to be careful.

Heart is so hurt not able to acknowledge what is the cause,
I treat everybody as mine and they hurt the most I think is because.

Crying is how your body speaks when your mouth can’t explain the pain you feel,.... Read More


Author  Photo Shrivastva MK   (Wed 25th Oct 2017) MAA TERE PYAR KE AANCHAL ME PALE BADE HUM
Maa tere pyar ke aanchal me
pale bade hum,
tere sikhaye hua rashte par
chalte hain hum,
Maa tujhe kabhi bhi na ho dukh,
eske lia bhagwan se prathna karte hain hum,
Maa tere pyar ke aanchal me
pale bade hum. ..

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Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Sun 3rd Sep 2017) Dard...
Dard ki kitaab ko kholna..
Aasman se taarein thodna
Ek hi baat hai...
Jise shabdon mein baya krna mushkil hai

Raastein alag alag hai
Manzil ek hi hai
Ishwar hamari jindagi ki daastan likhte hain
Par vo hamari soch se ko so door hain
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