The romance of the mutes

Author Photo Kazeronnie Mak Sun 1st Jul 2018      Write your Story
Galaxy saw a man and a woman who communicated with the sign language at the train station,
when she was on the way home one evening.
She noticed that the woman asked him for the direction.
He said to her that he did not know.
Galaxy was the volunteer for three years when she studied in university.
Also, she served in the deaf and mute school where she had learned sign language and she could practice it proficiency.
Then she showed the woman the direction.
Galaxy had left her email address to them before she got on the train.
She received an email from that man the next day.
Kazrim was his name.
Galaxy replied to his mail earnestly.
They both started chatting online soon after and began seeing each other.
Although they only communicated with the sign language, it has never bothered her.
Galaxy was fond of him gradually.
Obviously, Kazrim was the same too.
He presented Galaxy with a bunch of sunflowers, he asked her sincerely, ‘Are you willing to be my girlfriend? ’
She was pleasantly surprised and worried.
Galaxy requested him to give her sometimes to persuade her parents.
As expected, her parents were very angry after they had learned of their romance.
Galaxy explained, ‘Kazrim is an excellent and a very optimistic person.
He has a very positive attitude towards life and work.
He cares for others always. He is 100% better than the normal.
Moreover the mute is still a human, he should possess of a perfect and wonderful love.
The love he gives to me, I have to requite him with a heart of gratitude and content.’
Her parents asked to see him, then.
The very perturbed Galaxy took Kazrim home a few days later.
When they were on the train, Kazrim SAID to her, ‘I’m going to tell your parents that I’ll be looking after you well with all my life!’ Galaxy was really moved.
As soon as they had entered the house, Galaxy introduced him to her parents.
She said, ‘This is Kazrim.’ Just right after her speech, an unbelievable thing happened.
Kazrim threw the gift away and held her in his arms tightly.
He said, ‘YOU CAN TALK?! ’
It was the same question that Galaxy wanted to ask too.

The four people were stunned all of a sudden.
As a matter of fact, Kazrim always believed that Galaxy was a mute,
he still fell in love with her deeply.
Galaxy burst into tears.

Love means :
You are not finding a suitable person, you be the suitable person made of love.
There is only one greatest treasure at this moment, this time, this life………
It is to love and be loved.

Love is like a fairy tale. Love is like a miracle.
It is hardly ever happened perfectly in reality.
If you can love and be loved, be sure to love with all your soul.
Hope you can make the fairy tale come true.
Hope you can make the miracle to be real.

अब वो सारे बाग वीराने लगते है

Author  Photo Shrivastva MK   (Mon 18th Dec 2017) अब वो सारे बाग वीराने लगते है
अब वो सारे बाग वीराने लगते है,
अब वो सारे फूल पुराने लगते है,
जब से हुई है नफ़रत मोहब्बत से
तब से सारे दर्द याराने लगते है,

अब वो लोग अनजाने लगते है,
अब वो तस्वीर बेगाने लगते है,
जब भी याद आती है उनकी
तब ये अश्क़ भी दीवाने लगते है
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आज फिर हमें अपना बनाने की कोशिश कर रहे हैं

Author  Photo Madhu Bhagat   (Thu 13th Apr 2017) आज फिर हमें अपना बनाने  की कोशिश कर रहे हैं
खोये अहसास आज फिर दरवाजे पे दस्तक दे रहे हैं
आखों में अश्क लिए हमको आज भी अपना खास बता रहे है
वक्त से मजबूर थे हम कहकर
आज फिर हमसे झूठ बोलने की खता कर रहे है
एक अरसे बाद लौटे है हमारे जिंदगी में
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उन्हें मेरी याद न सताए..

Author  Photo Shrivastva MK   (Fri 27th Oct 2017) उन्हें मेरी याद न सताए..
इस क़दर खो जाउ मैं आप मे की
कोई मुझे ढूंढ न पाए,
हर लम्हा इस कदर चाहु आपको की
कोई भी गम आपके पास न आए,

माना कि मैं बहुत बुरा हु,
पर सच बताऊ तो आपके बिना अधूरा हु,

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Pyar ka Najrana

Author  Photo Rohit Bansal   (Mon 8th Jun 2015) Pyar ka Najrana
Dil ki rah me yadi tujhe pa lunga m,
Tere ane pr Swarg si zindgi jee lunga me ..

Zindgi lagegi bhut pyari jo tu mere sath hogi,
teri hi khushi me hi khush ho lunga me ...

Tu hi meri duniya hogi, tu hi hogi jahan mera,
teri khushi ke lie to , jaher b pee lunga me ...

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Author  Photo Shrivastva MK   (Wed 25th Oct 2017) TUJHE CHAHENGE HUM HAR JANAM
Akela ho gya hoon tere bin jab se tune mujhe chhod diya,
Tor ke mera DIL mere pyar se jo yu mu'h mor liya,
Jab jab dekhi tujhe ye meri udas aankhen,
Chalak gye aansoo Jab yaad aai wo purani batein,
Kaise mitaoo sanam tera ye bharam,
Tujhe chahenge hum har janam,

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Author  Photo Shrivastva MK   (Sat 7th Oct 2017) WO HUMSE KYON RUTH GAYE...
Mere sapne kyon tut gaye,
Wo humse kyon ruth gaye,
Dekar shila mohabbat ka mujhe,
Wo meri hasti kyon lut gaye,

Kyon aaye wo meri zindagi me
Jab mujhe chhod ke jana hi tha,
Karke waadein pyaar ke
Jab sath nibhana hi na tha,
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You complete me

Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Sun 28th Jul 2019) You complete me
It takes billions of people to make the world but mine is completed with one,

And that’s you who is the most special one out of everyone.

God has sent me the most beautiful heaven’s angel into my life,

I am the luckiest one and proud to be your wife.
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Author  Photo Shrivastva MK   (Wed 4th Oct 2017) CHAHAT TUJHE PANE KI...
Mujhe tumse pyar hai,
Ye dil tere liye hi beqarar hai,
Jab nind se band ho jati meri aankhen,
Es khubsurat sapno me bas tera hi intezar hai,

Tujhe dekhlu ek bar
yahi chahat hai meri,
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Meri zindagi

Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Thu 11th Jul 2019) Meri zindagi
Aapke saath bitiya har pal hai khubsurat,
Aapka masoom sa chehra hai khuda ki murat.

Bhutttt yaad aa rhi hai aapki,
Talaash rahi aapko nazre meri.

Wo aapka muskurana jab kehte hum awaaz aa rahi,
Har lamha itna khubsurat hai in palkon mein yaadein sanjo rakhi.

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