Pot of Intelligence

Author Photo Sudhakar Kumar Sat 22nd Nov 2014      Write your Story
Once there was only a most wise person. He thought that he is the only person having all intelligence.
People always come to him to take advice and the wise person thought due to his advice only people is getting smarter. And this way gradually he got his arrogant. And due to his arrogant nature he thought if he continue helping people his value to them become less. So he decided to hide his all intelligence in an earthen pot in any isolated place. But his son got sell of his secret and became excited to know all scene.
So son started following his father. Once son found that his father (wise person) was going out of the house by holding an earthen pot. Son followed his father, finally the wise person reached to a very tall tree (because he wants to hide his all intelligence on very top of tree). Now he tides the earthen pot on his chest and started climbing on tree. Since the earthen pot was on his chest he was not able to climb on tree. His son was watching this entire story. And son suggested his father to hold the pot on his back so that he can easily climb on tree.
The wise person became astonished now he thought that he has put his all his intelligence in the pot and he has nothing more. So he dropped the pot on ground and this way the pot got broken and intelligence got spread to all mankind.

The romance of the mutes

Author  Photo Kazeronnie Mak   (Sun 1st Jul 2018) The romance of the mutes
Galaxy saw a man and a woman who communicated with the sign language at the train station,
when she was on the way home one evening.
She noticed that the woman asked him for the direction.
He said to her that he did not know.
Galaxy was the volunteer for three years when she studied in university.
Also, she served in the deaf and mute school where she had learned sign language and she could practice it proficiency.
Then she showed the woman the direction.
Galaxy had left her email add.... Read More

An incomplete love story

Author  Photo Kritikabonde   (Thu 3rd Dec 2015) An incomplete love story
......"I love you ,I can do anything for U and u will be my bride " I was stunted when he was saying me . I was in 5th and in 8th. The time was passed but I couldn't say that I also was falling in his love. He is my first and all ever first love. He was doing all sweet things for me. Like teasing me 'Bayko' calling as 'darling'. I was all time following me. Whenever we was sittings together he always put my hand in his. I like his all naughty things. when he was going back to his home it wa.... Read More

Life is very beautiful

Author  Photo Sudhakar Kumar   (Sat 6th Dec 2014) Life is very beautiful
एक नगर में एक मशहूर चित्रकार रहता था ।
चित्रकार ने एक बहुत सुन्दर तस्वीर बनाई और उसे नगर के चौराहे मे लगा दिया और
नीचे लिख दिया कि जिस किसी को , जहाँ भी इस में कमी नजर आये वह वहाँ निशान लगा दे ।
जब उसने शाम को तस्वीर देखी उसकी पूरी तस्वीर पर निशानों से ख़राब हो चुकी थी ।
यह देख वह बहुत दुखी हु.... Read More

ज़िन्दगी एक फ़िल्म

Author  Photo Shrivastva MK   (Sat 11th Nov 2017) ज़िन्दगी एक फ़िल्म
जिसे अपनी ज़िन्दगी बनाया उसे कैसे बताऊ,
इस दिल का हाल सुनाने के लिए वो लब्ज़ कहाँ से लाऊ,
आज चलते चलते कुछ पुराने ख़यालात याद आ गए,इस चेहरे पर थोड़ी मुस्कान आई ,और दिल भी थोड़ा बेचैन हुआ।क्योंकि वो जो पल थे उनमें खोने का उतना ही मज़ा है जितने एक फ़िल्म को देखते देखते उस फिल्म में खोने का।
आज बात होगी .... Read More

My happiness

Author  Photo Lily   (Tue 5th May 2015) My happiness
Since past twenty days I have been away from him.Its not that I an counting ,but.....
He is not my boyfriend ,we are just good friends.If I tell you the truth I actually love him.we had been together since past three years but I could never tell him.I knew that he also love me and cared for me.I wanted him to propose me first.We both use to spend a lot of time together,laughing and talking.
One afternoon he came to me and said that he want me to tell a very special thing about him.I thought.... Read More

Famously Successful People Who Failed at First

Author  Photo Amit Singh   (Mon 1st Dec 2014) Famously Successful People Who Failed at First
Henry Ford: While Ford is today known for his innovative assembly line and American-made cars, he wasn’t an instant success. In fact, his early businesses failed and left him broke five time before he founded the successful Ford Motor Company..... Read More


Author  Photo Prashansa Sinha   (Sun 30th Nov 2014) life
life is an unfold mystery.. u will never know what will happen next.. so be careful in taking your decisions and ready to face the unexpected..
this is LIFE


Kismat ka Maara Insaan

Author  Photo Your Well WIsher   (Thu 6th Jul 2017) Kismat ka Maara Insaan
Mi ye story Roman English me likh raha hon take saare log padh saken, iska faida utha saken aur mujhe support Karen. Akhir me aap sabhi se guzarish hi ke agar aapku meri ye kahani pasand aaye tu apne suggestion aur comments mujhe please mail karna na bhoolen take mi aage chalkar aur kahaniyan likhon.... Read More

Bangalore Franchise Opportunities and Business Off

Author  Photo Ramya Biryaniwala   (Wed 25th Mar 2015) Bangalore Franchise Opportunities and Business Off
Crazy idea by Co-Founders D.Khan and Duraid Al Jamali embarked upon! They wanted to make ‘Biryaniwala’ a home delivery concept the talk of the Town. They believed that the humble Biryani could stand tall among the biryani’s of the Town.
Just invest in Biryaniwala, as low as Rs 5 lakhs and be a proud franchisee owner of Biryaniwala. We offer 100% return on your investment in the very first year.
Why Biryaniwala?
What’s so special about Biryaniwala that gets everyone going?
-All time .... Read More