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Tej is a student. He and his friends treat him a ‘smart’ boy and often say that the name given to him is very much apt. He is ‘fast’ in knowing, obtaining, understanding and operating every new release of ‘smart’ phones. He gives second preference to studies. With the optimism and a hope that his smartness in smart phones at least will give a platform to him by way of developing an ‘app’, his parents remain calm over his hanging out with smart phones.

Tej need not to own any smart phone to get through it. Chance to hold for a few minutes is enough. Of course, he is faster than any of his friends, relatives in messaging, browsing and even ‘coining’ SMS words!

By the way, Te is an addicted smart phone user! The ‘daily routine’ only could get him down from the bus, at his college, and he is so habituated that it would be ‘automatic’ only.

Actually he will be ‘disconnected’ with the physical world around him – when is connected to the virtual world.

Such Mr. Tej has now fallen into a spider nest of narcotics, accidentally. His head locked to the smart phone screen, and fingers lingering on the qwerty keypad, he has boarded a wrong route vehicle and debarded in a notorious place. It is only after the miscreants made huzzle-buzzle on seeing Tej, walking duly operating a ‘device’. They feared that he is recording something.

The new place to his feet, losing balance, Tej fell on a wooden box – containing ammunition. Seeing the guns and revolvers, Tej become blank for a few seconds. But immediately he gained consciousness and within seconds he captured some pictures of the scene and sent them to one of his friends who is known for his bravery.

The miscreants fearing Tej to be a cop and there must be a coup around, could not round up Tej immediately. But they began shouting and warning Tej, staying at distance. This situation was also shared with the ‘brave’ friend, who immediately replied, ‘shoot!….. shoot them…’ On seeing that, Tej started shooting the entire location and the miscreants – as closely as possible and uploaded them to his friend.

The wise and brave friend of Tej immediately shared the clippings to some more friends and showed them to the Police Inspector passing over him – on the road. The Police Inspector – a young and dynamic - got Tej’s friend into his vehicle and asked him if he could trace the location with ‘GPS’. Actually he is half-way on the task and told the Inspector that the location. Without loss of further time, the Inspector rushed to the location.

The miscreants tried to escape, but as the cops rounded them and the Inspector took control over the location, especially the corner where Tej is standing the ammunition lying. After hand-cuffing the miscreants, Tej and his friend got a great relief and could be felt by their sigh.

The Inspector looked at Tej and told “You are very brave my dear boy! You are courageous that you could stay here and make the miscreants stay there, till we come here”. “OK, what made you so brave that you, being single, could catch them, record them and share the entire location?!” he exclaimed.

With a little bit fear Tej’s friend told the Inspector, “Actually I suggested Tej to shoot them with the gun lying near”. “But I took that for ‘video shoot’ and did the same thing”, Tej exclaimed.

The Inspector laughed and told, “Okay – guys!. What happened is very good thing that we busted a racket which is highly in search, with your help. But be in touch with the environment always!.”

• Using utilities is wise
• Excessive using / dependency is avoidable
• Addiction to anything, even though result is good at some point of time, is not at all desirable.


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