So, you are very wealthy

Writer Photo Kazeronnie Mak Sat 26th May 2018      Write your Story
A young man muttered at his bad luck and penniless.
He frowned all days.
A wise senior came across to talk to him,
‘Hey kiddy, why are you so unhappy ?’
‘I don’t understand why I’m so poor always !’ he said.
‘Poor ? I think you are very wealthy !’ the wise senior said sincerely.
The young man puzzled, ‘Why are you saying like that ?’
The wise senior asked,
‘Suppose someone offers you one thousand dollars to cut your finger off.
Will you do that ?’
‘Of course, not !’ the young man replied.
‘Suppose someone offers you ten thousand dollars to chop your leg off.
Will you do that ?’
‘Certainly, not !’ the young man replied.
‘Suppose someone offers you hundred thousand dollars to scoop your eyes out.
Will you do that ?’
‘Surely, not !’ the young man replied.
‘Suppose someone offers you one million dollars to turn you into a ninety years old man in a blink of an eye.
Will you do that ?’
‘Definitely, not !’ the young man replied.
‘Suppose someone offers you ten million dollars to take your life right away.
Will you do that ?’
‘Absolutely, not !’ the young man replied.

The wise senior said with a smile, ‘ That’s right. You have already possessed more than ten million wealth.
Why are you still lamented for being so poor ?
We came with bare hands, we will leave with bare hands either.
Even though we have owned a kingdom of wealth,
nothing we can take with us when the time comes.
The real wealth is concealed in our innermost.
If only we have our hearts at the right places,
If only we do the right things at the right times,
If only we are content with what we are having,
we are never poor !
Happiness is to the one who is content ! ’

After listened to the wise senior saying, it dawned upon him at last.


The more kindness we leave behind,
the more harmony we will have in our world.

I always believe if everyone does a bit good deed, bit by bit,
we can make a harmonious world.


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