insaan ki pehchaan

Author Photo Mustafa Tue 2nd Dec 2014      Write your Story
ek sacch insaan wahi hota hai jo sukh or dukh dono me apno or parayo k kaam aaye.
jo bdo ka samman or chhoto ki qadr kare.
jisme unch nich ka bhed bhaaw na ho.
jo apne desh or usme rehne waale logo ki raksha kare.
saccha insaan wahi hota hai jo khud ko chhod kar dusro k liye jiye.
insaan ko hamesha hansta chehra rakhna chahiye chahe paristhitiya jo bhi ho take use dekh kar samne wale k chehre par bhi hansi chha jaye

The romance of the mutes

Author  Photo Kazeronnie Mak   (Sun 1st Jul 2018) The romance of the mutes
Galaxy saw a man and a woman who communicated with the sign language at the train station,
when she was on the way home one evening.
She noticed that the woman asked him for the direction.
He said to her that he did not know.
Galaxy was the volunteer for three years when she studied in university.
Also, she served in the deaf and mute school where she had learned sign language and she could practice it proficiency.
Then she showed the woman the direction.
Galaxy had left her email add.... Read More

Kismat ka Maara Insaan

Author  Photo Your Well WIsher   (Thu 6th Jul 2017) Kismat ka Maara Insaan
Mi ye story Roman English me likh raha hon take saare log padh saken, iska faida utha saken aur mujhe support Karen. Akhir me aap sabhi se guzarish hi ke agar aapku meri ye kahani pasand aaye tu apne suggestion aur comments mujhe please mail karna na bhoolen take mi aage chalkar aur kahaniyan likhon.... Read More


Author  Photo SONIA PARUTHI   (Sat 8th Oct 2016) SCIENCE GHOST
I looked at my watch . It was exactly 12 midnight. I had missed the last bus to home and hence i had walked for almost an hour. I was very tired. Thank God ! Home was just a few kilometers away . Suddenly at such odd hours i saw a lady coming towards me. From there one truck passed. Truck was moving towards that lady. Truck passed over her. I screamed loudly but nothing happened to her . I was so afraid and scared. That lady was still moving towards me. My eyes dwelled up with te.... Read More

My happiness

Author  Photo Lily   (Tue 5th May 2015) My happiness
Since past twenty days I have been away from him.Its not that I an counting ,but.....
He is not my boyfriend ,we are just good friends.If I tell you the truth I actually love him.we had been together since past three years but I could never tell him.I knew that he also love me and cared for me.I wanted him to propose me first.We both use to spend a lot of time together,laughing and talking.
One afternoon he came to me and said that he want me to tell a very special thing about him.I thought.... Read More

Akbar was the greatest of the Moghul emperors

Author  Photo Amit Singh   (Mon 1st Dec 2014) Akbar was the greatest of the Moghul emperors
Akbar was the greatest of the Moghul emperors, consolidating a large empire across India, and establishing a culture promoting the arts and religious understanding.

Akbar was the son of Humayun, grandson of Babar, and became the third Moghul Emperor. Although the first part of his reign was taken up with military campaigns, Akbar displayed a great interest in a wide variety of cultural, artistic, religious and philosophical ideas. Akbar was also know for his religious tolerance and, althou.... Read More

The story of never have and already lost

Author  Photo Kazeronnie Mak   (Fri 20th Jan 2017) The story of never have and already lost
The spider = Zhu Er
The nectar = Gan Lu
The little grass = Prince Zhi Cao
The strong wind = Princess Windy

Once upon a time, a spider spun its web on the transom in a prosperous temple.
She was influenced by the Buddha-nature after a thousand years of the burning
incense and worship there.
Buddha came in one day and said to the spider,
“You’ve practiced for one thousand years already..... Read More

ख़ौफ का अफसाना

Author  Photo Madhu Bhagat   (Mon 12th Sep 2016)  ख़ौफ  का अफसाना

ख़ौफ का आलम मेरे अंदर बचपन से ही था,इसकी बुनियाद वक़्त के साथ मजबूत होती गयी । यूँ तो मै भूत प्रेतो से न डरने की बाते न जाने कितनो से किया करती थी, तो पलों ने वक़्त के साथ मेरे उन गढ़ी बातों का जायजा लेना शुरू कर दिया ।
गर्मियों की छुट्टियों की शुरुआत हो चुकी थी । हर साल की तरह मैं अपने गाँव माँ प.... Read More

Bangalore Franchise Opportunities and Business Off

Author  Photo Ramya Biryaniwala   (Wed 25th Mar 2015) Bangalore Franchise Opportunities and Business Off
Crazy idea by Co-Founders D.Khan and Duraid Al Jamali embarked upon! They wanted to make ‘Biryaniwala’ a home delivery concept the talk of the Town. They believed that the humble Biryani could stand tall among the biryani’s of the Town.
Just invest in Biryaniwala, as low as Rs 5 lakhs and be a proud franchisee owner of Biryaniwala. We offer 100% return on your investment in the very first year.
Why Biryaniwala?
What’s so special about Biryaniwala that gets everyone going?
-All time .... Read More

एक सच्ची घटना

Author  Photo Sudhakar Kumar   (Mon 1st Dec 2014) एक सच्ची घटना
यह एक सच्ची घटना है
जो नॉएडा एक्सप्रेस वे के पास घटी।
प्रदीप राठी नाम का युवक नॉएडा से
आगरा अपनी कार से जा रहा था।
जब वह मथुरा के पास
पहुँचा तभी अनहोनी घटी।
उसकी कार खराब हो गई और वहाँ दूर-दूर तक
कोई नज़र भी नहीं आ रहा था।
वह किसी कार से पास के कस्बे तक लिफ्ट
लेने की आशा में सड़क के किनारे-.... Read More