Mouse and Walrus (true friendship)

Author Photo Sudhakar Kumar Fri 24th Oct 2014      Write your Story
Once there were two friends(Mouse and Walrus).
They were very good friends. Mouse lives in a wide trunk of a big tree which was situated at the bank of a sea.
And Walrus also lives in that sea. Both friends play various games.
Sometimes mouse climbed on the tummy of Walrus and makes mustache when Walrus got sleep.
They were very happy and enjoying their life.

But one day some human beings cut the tree and mouse got killed by them. Walrus become very sad and left that place. He travels very long distance and without eating any thing.And got very tired and decided to take rest So he stop under the tree(this tree was also on the bank of sea).
Suddenly he found that a mouse was sinking in sea water.Mouse was looking exactly to his friends.
So, Walrus considering the mouse as his friends saved his life. And hence he got a new friend and started living there happy.

My Real true Love story .....Hum tere bin ab reh nahi payenge

Author  Photo Mraj Jadeja   (Tue 24th Mar 2015) My Real true Love story .....Hum tere bin ab reh nahi payenge
My Love Story ...

Mera naam ...M'Raj sinh Jadeja....hae USS samay ki baat hai ...jb maine apni 12th ki Exam Ke baad First tym Fb join kiya tha ....tb Maine Ek ladki ko Frndrqst Bheji ...Name Uska Priyanshi (Badla hua name) ...5 Aug 2011 ....4:08 pm ko usne mera frnd rqst accept kiya...a.... Read More

उस से पहली मुलाकात

Author  Photo Sumit Kumar   (Fri 28th Nov 2014) उस से पहली मुलाकात
बहुत दिनों बाद मिले थे, मिले क्या थे समझिये जैसे अन्धे को आखें और प्यासे को पानी मिल गया हो!
इतने दिनों बाद उनसे मिल कर और उसकी हालत देख कर दिल भर आया!
पुरानी याद फिर जग गयी और मुझे उससे अपनी पहली मुलाकात याद आ गयी!

वो भी क्या दिन था, जब यों ही उसकी खरीदारी के बीच मै उसको बेहद नापसन्द एक सब.... Read More

So, you are very wealthy

Author  Photo Kazeronnie Mak   (Sat 26th May 2018) So, you are very wealthy
A young man muttered at his bad luck and penniless.
He frowned all days.
A wise senior came across to talk to him,
‘Hey kiddy, why are you so unhappy ?’
‘I don’t understand why I’m so poor always !’ he said.
‘Poor ? I think you are very wealthy !’ the wise senior said sincerely.
The young man puzzled, ‘Why are you saying like that ?’
The wise senior asked,
‘Suppose someone offers you one thousand dollars to cut your finger off.
Will you do that ?’.... Read More

आधा बुना स्वैटर

Author  Photo Somya Saraswat   (Tue 17th Jan 2017) आधा बुना स्वैटर
किस्मत ने मिलाया मुझे तुझसे, खुशी और ख्वाईशो ने मुझे तेरे पल्लू मे बांध दिया
फिर क्या खता की किस्मत ने मुझसे, तेरे लायक नही शायद, ईतनी जल्दी करार दीया।
भूला नही हूँ मै तुझे, तेरी याद मे सारी जिन्दगी बिताऊगा
कमजोर नही हुँ मै, जो इतनी जल्दी हार जाऊगा।
ये कहानी है, उन दो प्रेमीयो की जिनकी प्रेम .... Read More

Stupid Answers for Stupid Questions

Author  Photo Anonymous User   (Tue 12th Apr 2016) Stupid Answers for Stupid Questions
Stupid Answers for Stupid Questions:
1. Someone calls you at 2 am in
the night and ask you "are you sleeping?"
Ans: no, I’m picking beans.
2. You're making out with a girl
then you start pulling her pants then she asks;
what are you trying to do?
Ans: I want to wash them for you
3. They see you coming out of the bathroom,
wet; ''did you just have a bath?''.... Read More

विरानी दुनिया

Author  Photo Shrivastva MK   (Mon 23rd Oct 2017) विरानी दुनिया
तेरी एक ज़ख्म ने मुझे दर्द में जीना सीखा दिया,
मेरी सुंदर दुनिया को एक वीराना देश बना दिया,
आज मैंने अपनी कहानी की सुरुआत इन दो पंक्तियों से किया है ,पता है क्यों??
क्योंकि इन दो पंक्ति में ही मेरी पूरी कहानी छुपी हुई है।
कुछ अलग थी मेरी ज़िंदगी,न कोई दर्द न कोई गम का साया था,
खुश था मैं और अपने .... Read More

The world beyond

Author  Photo Rounaksinghwaddalia   (Sun 13th Nov 2016) The world beyond
The world beyond
A group of children were born to be destined of adventure and fun then they saved the world the name these heroes are and how their adventure began as Danny and sis sally and his friend’s max , Jonny , Daniel ,henry and Trixie ‘Shina then it happened the night Danny was going to drink water the fourth time a portal opened and took him in with his sis as in the other places his friends were taken in as well as a boy from USA and then as Danny came in he saw.... Read More

शैतान बच्चा

Author  Photo Prince   (Fri 11th Mar 2016) शैतान बच्चा
साधू : बेटा आप मुझे
थोड़ा सा
पानी पिला देंगे..!!
बच्चा : अगर लस्सी हो जाये
साधू : तब तो बहुत.... Read More

For you

Author  Photo Manisha Banerjee   (Tue 3rd Mar 2015) For you
For you!
Sunday, 3.30 PM, blazing sun, clear sky, butterflies in stomach, lots of expectations, so many feelings for the upcoming moment and finally the boy in an off white shirt and a black denims on a passion plus was right in front of me. In a moment without a second thought I got on it, no looking back henceforth, oh !! that evening blessed us with a lot of wow moments. Yes, the expectation was fulfilled. After six months of touch over the phone brought the first meeting with his proposal..... Read More