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The winter was coming and so was my U.T.(unit test). Today was 2nd November and my U.T. was going to start on 6th November.
As weather was getting colder day-by-day, our teachers made it compulsory for us to wear blazers.
I didn't have one, so i never came in blazer.
everyday RAJEEV sir came and sorted me out of the queue in which i was standing in the morning assembly.
"why don't you come in blazers AJIT. This is the seventh day that you have come without blazer" he said.
"but sir, I don't......" i wasn't even able to complete my sentence that i heard his angry voice.
"I don't know anything, if you come without blazer tomorrow i will send you home" he warned me.
I quietly went inside my class.
well, I am Ajit. My father is no more in this world. My mother fulfills my every demand. She works at different homes and pays my fee.
How could i have told her to buy me a blazer?
so i didn't tell it to "MAA"
The next day i went to school without wearing blazer.
And it happened as expected.
"Look Ajit, i cant tolerate it now, I had already warned you. Now you must return to your home" he said it in an angry tone.
"But sir, please understand my problem" i said in a pleading voice.
I felt a hard slap on my cheeks.
He had slapped me.
I had nothing left to say now.
I directly returned to home from there.
Maa asked me the reason why i came back.
I ignored her.
But my mother had understood my problem. My friend had discussed about it to her.
I guess only mother can understand your problem.
She told me not to worry about blazer and went away from there.
I could hardly guess her next move then.
She had sold her only set of golf plated bangles left with her. It was the only remembrance associated with my father.
She had got me a blazer from that money.
I was feeling guilty.
I had only one option left now.
I sold some of my books and got the bangles back.
I silently put it in her old wooden box.
My mother was unaware about it.

Next day was 10th November, and i was having my science test on that day.
I had no any book to study science. so, i went to exam hall without studying science and as expected my exam went bad.
My teachers were shocked.
How could i perform so bad in my U.T.?
Rajeev sir asked me the reason. I kept quiet.
"he had no book sir" shouted my one friend.
"sshhh" I signaled him to be quiet.
Rajeev sir was matured enough to understand whole incident.
He didn't say a thing.
Days passed and it was 14th November today.
Yes, Children's day.
Everyone was happy but same was not true about me.
I wondered how to get my books back.
In the 5th period teachers were distributing pens and chocolates to students.
I wondered what to do with pen, when i didn't have the book.
I was lost in my own thoughts when i noticed Rajeev sir coming.
"Ajit" he asked.
"yes sir" i replied in astonishment.
he signaled me to come out.
I followed him to lower ground.
He gave me some books and told me to study hard.
I saw those books. Those were the same books that i required.
I was extremely happy.
Tears rolled down my eyes. These were tears of happiness.
It was first time when i saw the kind and gentle face of Rajeev sir.
I didn't say a thing.
"THANK YOU SIR" I said and hugged him


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