A very ill-tempered woman

Writer Photo Kazeronnie Mak Mon 28th May 2018      Write your Story
Once upon a time, there had a very ill-tempered woman.
She could rage over a silly little thing always.
She understood that was wrong.
She consulted a Zen Master for improvement, one day.

The Zen Master led her into a room after listened to her distress.
He locked the door up and walked away without saying a word.
She had lost her mind completely in a flash.
She jumped and screamed for a very long time.
Then, she shouted for attention.
The Zen Master turned a deaf ear to her shouting.
The woman had gone silence at last.

The Zen Master stood outside the door and asked, ‘Are you still mad ? ’
The woman yelled, ‘ Yes, I’m mad with myself.
Why should I come to such a place and make myself suffer ! ’
‘ How can one be calm as the still water if she is mad with herself yet ? ’
The Zen Master went off in a huff.

Later on, he asked her again, ‘ Are you still mad ? ’
‘ Not anymore ! ’ the woman replied.
‘ Why ? ’ asked the Zen Master.
‘ It can’t help at all ! ’ the woman answered.
‘ You’re keeping your rage down deep in your mind.
Your rage will get to the top when you flare up. ’
said the Zen Master and left again.

When he came back at the third time,
the woman said, ‘ I’m not angry anymore. It’s just not worth !.’
The Zen Master smiled, ‘ You’re still haggle over in your mind !
It means your trouble is not let go yet. ’
The woman asked, ‘ What is the rage ? ’
The Zen Master leaned against the doorway as the sun was setting down.
He poured a cup of the hot water on the ground.
The woman gazed at the steam floating into the air until it faded away.

She comprehended eventually.
She bowed her thanks to the Zen Master and left.


Why should we get rage always ?
Why should we get rage with someone or something always ?
When we do, we also chastise ourselves at the same time !
[ RAGE ] is around always.
If you ignore it, it will go away soon.
Life is just too short to entangle with it.


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