Find Your Happiness Brother..

Writer Photo SONIA PARUTHI Mon 14th Aug 2017      Write your Story
sob... cry...bawl...
whimperings are there to protect your soft little heart....
When lachryma finally run dry, your heart will be calm and quiet.
Feeling clear inside and empty of tears...
You will be residued with the transpicuous sense of being blessed with life.
So, look for beautiful and positive things around you,
And you will find a hope, a hope to move on... a ray of light to live a happy life...
Admire your mom... admire your lord Krishna..
Have faith in them...
gone will be the days of weepings...

I know it's difficult to forget the loved one..
but you better understand not to be kicked one...
your sister who left you is your past...
but you better understand..
your loving mother is your present...

learn from your bad past...
live for your happy present...
aspire for your blessful future...

I aspire for your life overflowing with happiness..
I whisper in the ears of the god to make you free from sadness...

Have a beautiful wide smile on your face...
light the candles on the cake...
become so sweet like melody...
people will give you warm hug chocolatey....

Be a lump of sugar..
Do not cry my dear brother..
Be a good man to have a perfect dooms day..
live your each day as a blooming day..

(may god shower his blessings on you and make your life brimming with happiness, joy, compassion...may god hear my prayers and gift you the alluring life.. god bless you...may you have a god fortune..may your happiness overpower your sorrow.. keep smiling.. stay blessed.. )


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