The Real treasures ( chapter1)

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This is a non-English vision, written by a non-English writer.

This is a real historical event prove a lot of people join this project and start working on this project ,they try to find the real treasures, they know the treasures are real because the proof, the evidence, the stories, the pictures of the places, and the map direction show within the project, but it is too hard to find because half of the map missing, Extraterrestrial words, the sign, "explain to readers later". The real story begin: Once upon a time, When a time Extraterrestrial lives or people don't know English, someone writes a secret book on some kind of alien material falling from the sky to the ground or put it in a place not too many people know. Years later, local people go to work, they dig up soil about 7 M around working places and find some objects underground, it looks like a secret puzzle book wrote on some kind of material [words miss spell, some kind of sigh] written by some kind of alien or historical words and sigh very hard to understand, people don't have a hint what the IMPORTANT INFO explain about so they give it to the researcher. The researcher of the project help and heal lives research within 10 years and translate back to English so local people can read and understand the secret book write about map direction leading to a matrix world, a secret place keep the real 10000s treasures prize more than zillion money. The treasures have some technology (spaceship, robot, time machine, matrix, pro top math, DNA biology, Chem, physic and more, some material, some tools, some free sample, the map of alien worlds, some historical objects, and much more). The researcher talk to local people and [you] readers , we going to find out the real treasure, local people and you reader will take half of the treasures , the researcher take the other half of the treasures, everybody within project agree, those people agree get the map do own research, if they find out the real treasure they will take half and the researcher take half of it, when people agree and promise , it is real miracle, the copy of real map already convert to English vision by the researcher appear, remember it is legal contract and there are real treasures money prizes more than 100 zillions, you can try to use your own knowledge and talent to find out the letter and map direction leading to the real treasures, too. it is a free legal project.This project giving out for those like to read stories, scientific research technology, construct the best world, finding real treasures, help and heal other only.The important info, laws of the real treasures, the legal contracts, map direction, tools are ready for those like to find the real treasures. you get your benefits and other get their benefits.

There are many treasures around the world , the prize is million money per treasure depend on items, its very hard to find, some under the sea, some in caves, some inside the wonders ( pyramid secret doors to underground ), some under great wall, some have maps and show on internet or library to check it out . People find some of the treasures which are prize million for real with the proven date on news or at library books for people to read, you can check it out if you want more info about real treasures.By this research, the researcher finds a half part of a map, and direction leading to a treasured prize more than 700 million ( money prize). People ask why the researcher does not take all of the treasure, first its very hard to find , second half of the map and direction missing, third: you might be the one can find it, fourth: if you find the treasure a lot of people and the researcher will get benefits too ( many people will become richest people, some of the money will donation for world embassies helping and healing prizes. Promise and prove This is the map of the real treasures, let's start to find the treasures ( some kind of alien or historic language: there is real treasures (help and heal lives only) money prize more than 777 million.Information about the treasures find out by evidence,real treasures have some tools, some material money prizes million ( people believe material are status, tools, and other), some world history important information, some secret matrix space doors leading to other places, some written information about medication to help living normal, healthy, young, more ages, items of the treasure kept at more than 1000 places ).The researcher find some of the info medication to help lives living normal, healthy and young : it's writing about medication help better liver, lung, brain, blood, and young skin looking, its real and prove: you can go to those health places or pharmacy ask for those medication, they will tell you the price of those medications up to ten thousand real money for those people know about medication give out at the pharmacy (money for each bottle :  40+120+200+300+50+27+ more). A part of treasures been found out by the researcher but not all part of the treasure find yet. Here is half of a map and direction to the real treasure : have you hear people talk about fountain of youth?, there is a place not many people know its a treasure there, _ _ _ place ,dig to the ground 70 _ , treasure will appear , it is very hard to find, must follow the map and direction show in the map , must understand those letters in the map writing about , when you do your own research and understand all the letters on the map write about, you will find out the treasure for real promise with. Here is the part of the letters in the real map leading to the real treasure money prize more than 700 million. Congratulation if you can understand what those letters, write about and find out the real treasure. The map is puzzles , miss spell , hard to understand and half is missing. Its good for those like real treasure finding. not English writer vision: contact website for more info at :

There was a female work outside daily for a living when she has free time she logs online start read free books online. One day, she found those short stories and books title: The real treasures, she read those short stories and she likedit.. She liked it for some reasons because she likes to read books when she had free time, second she like to know more about the true what is going on with the world , third she like those finding treasure hunting games or stories , fourth she want a lot of money , firth the short stories and books show her evidence , the pictures , the important info and proof about the real treasures prizes up to million or zillions real money depend on the items and those people like the items will pay prizes different .She joined project real treasure hunting and became a team member of real treasures finding, she read short stories and books about the real treasure hunting when she had free time, she converted those miss spell worlds to English so she understood what the books wrote about. She was working with the project for a year she found out the treasures are real, it is at those place for real, and she also found out the miracle can help her life, family, and friends. Miracle, people used to call it healing lives power dating at websites news about how people recieve healing power to healing and help other, back then she didnt understand what healing power could affect people , but later she realized how important it is about healing power miracle can affect people, animal, plants ( lives) every daily, so she did more reseach about healing power which came from the technology she found with in real treasures books, now she finds out about matrix, DNA, time machine, and real maps leading to reals treasures . At that time, she starts to believe the stories within the books, and she does more research . after another year, she knows about basic time machine is real , matrix is real show by matrix math numbers in math books , she feels she going to move to a better place ( perfect world ) to live. , she also used the power of healing lives can help other alive, normal, healthy, young, intelligent, polite and rich to heal and help herself, her family and her friends ( family nurse ). She becomes doctor, she finds some treasure real money prizes million, and she keeps working on with DNA, matrix and time machine, also she knows more real treasures are there depend on her real talent can take it or not. Now her life is change much better than before , she live her best life , she is independece , she is rich (million in the back ) , she has her own house , and everthing turn out the way she plan , she move on the right life journey way and she feel happy forever , she feel like she live at perfect world , she become family doctor help her own family and friends , she keep working with the project treasure hunting and those technologies she find with in project only , her new goal run her own country, own company business , research about healing power help other live forever , normal , healthy , polite doing legal activities at perfect worlds . that is the non fiction story , you believe it or not it up to you, you might be the next one, you will rich , normal , healthy, polite doing legal work , have own business and construct own perfect worlds , it's up to you , it's the right time, the chance is there, you can take action like she did and live a best life, have everthing you want or continue working for the rest of your life is your freedom of choice.

Readers ask: are those treasures real? trick or treat? THE RIGHT answer: yes, stories, maps, and treasures are real, TREAT, YOU ARE WINNERS, WAO, PEOPLE join finding treasures members SURPRISE AND LAUGHING, after all, they find the real maps leading to 1000s real treasures money prize more than millions. firework show .Congratulation: researcher, scientists, and team members follow the map direction and find out apart of the real treasures: The list of benefits, free prizes, new technology, treasures evidence and much more find out by team members within this project agree let everybody know about the prizes they get while working on this real project . This is real event , real prizes receive by real people legal show to all readers to read and check out at internet news: log online , tape: treasure finding images or stories, here is a list of 1000s readers find real treasure with real evidence show to all to watch and read for real, you can also log online check for real treasure finding and you will find out those treasure and prizes . THE PRIZES give to those real people find real treasures:
Researcher: take half of the real treasures money prize more than 1000 zillion, time machine, meditation, and technology heal, saving and help millions of lives per day. keep it as a secret, nobody knows who is the researcher. privately law, cover. people Name __ ___ ( private law, cover ), treasure finding team member 01 receive: 10,000 money people Name __ ___ ( private law), treasure finding team member 02 receive: underground pyramid tunnel, some historical objects, and some historical worlds. date on news with the picture of pyramid and tunnel taking and evidence. member 3: get prize 1 money, 4: 1 money, 5: 50 cents, ^: 3 day off, 7:hollyday and parties 8 scientist : a part of matrix info, 9 : great wall info, 10 : time machine info, 11 : the legend story about real treasures, 12: a part of a map to the treasure, 13 : 70 cents money, 14: huge history ship info, 15 : dig the ground and find some treasure prize 1000 , 16: 3day off work, 17: information about the princess alive,but dont know where is she right now, reason not complete the mission yet, 18: one money, 19 : some old money coin prizes 75 cents,20: something = money prize 200, 22: pay check 27 real money , 23 pay check 220 real money , 24 : off work 3 day , 25 : 20 money every day for one year , 26 : 3 day off ,28 : some more knowledge, 29 : some lessons. People Name __ ___ ( private law), treasure finding team member 21 receive meditation lesson, a part of a sample about time machine technology, a sample of the matrix and perfect world, some money: 5000 real money. people Name __ ___ ( privatecy law) , treasure finding team member 27 receive: dig the ground find some material : give it to other for money prize 100,000 people Name __ ___ ( privatecy law) , treasure finding team member 100 receive: technology about time machine , matrix, perfect world , healing tech , some secret miralce help other alive , great wall and paramid info , DNA info , big history ship hints , under ground dig place info , a half part of the real map to the treasures , free prizes , more knowledge more power , and money prizes million , holiday and parties a week . And 1000s more people receive prizes for real with proof, evidence, info show and promise. People Name __ ___ (major: scientists, govs or big business owners, private law), treasure finding team member 101 receive: too many new technologies, but they remand silent, the truth about new technology will keep secret until someone pays them real million money, they will show on news for everybody to read and watch. check news for more info about new tech date on news. prove :lets world embassies know whats going on with the world ,give out medication for free , help lives own get money , treasure and supplies, help lives declaration own independence ,help raise minimum wages for the better society, education lives about yoga and meditation ,self-defend , guard own world. Check up health, direction lives to the perfection safety world, heal, heal and save millions of lives each day with the evident show online. this is the evidence to show to world embassies, court, justice department, system and lives about the benefits of healing and helping other lives with proving show within site. For more important info about the books and maps to real treasure check book title: THE REAL TREASURE , REAL TREASURE , OR Amazone books : MAPS OF THE REAL TREASURES (more complete detail , maps , directions , rules , stories , tools , and education new team members how to find real treasures and how to give away those items for millions money prizes.) FOUNDER OF THE REAL TREASUREs finding, check my company website if you want to know more info and something to work on, good for those readers like treasures finding.

THE INTERVIEW: the automatic matrix guards will interview you at the gate when you already have the legal passport show within pages and map direction, the real treasure will appear, the gate of the treasure will open, and you are ready to enter the secret matrix world. The public investigation, interview, the public court begin with real lives about cases, also date on live news for public ,world embassies, everybody to read or knowing about the situation, the case: mission project heal, saving , help other lives : include you too, reader ,let you know first so you get ready everything before meeting with the interviewer, court, undercover secret agent, representative, public worker, police, military officer, or some one will talk to you about your life, your licenses and send to a better working condition, a safe place to lives, a rich peaceful neighbor hood, and those care, help, heal themselves and other lives . Free example of the test , exam or interview with you : R: why a lot of people do not go to work outside ?you: none of my business, I already declare own independence, and have innocence record, by the court of law , justice department, innocence mean someone that do nothing to other , so don't have work to pay private and public stuff. R:do you help and heal other lives? do you know when you help or heal other you will get life points : power , energy , miracle , or currency can exchange for ( money , supplies , gifts, toys , and stuffs ) .example : you stay home , help your self build a home , you get life points , later on you see your home appear for real , you realize you have a home. U: yes I do heal and help other lives. R: do you know when you stay home do yoga, meditation ,and guard your own local you get life points ,? U: I do , I save a lot of money when I stay home all the time and saving gallon of blood. R:do you know you have to take classes and majors : meditation , health (general doctor degree ) , construction ( own local home and streets license ) , monk ( calm and relax) , police( investigate and self defend ) and a major that you like to become top leader able to fulfill your dream, your major, your career and your goal of top leader understanding and powerful, everything you plan turn out the way you want , you and your members happy when meeting . U: I know I am working on my own major and project. R: do you know the true code of winning or rich? to be a winner act like a winner, play with winning teams only, claim support winning team and connection with winners only. rich act rich, play with rich people, claim a connection and support rich people only. R: do you know what you do is that what you get: court of law justice and fairy for lives? U: I know, I do let another know, so I know what going on with the world, I do legal activities, I get a part of the map puzzles leading to a treasure prizes more than 700 million, other people and animal help me because I help them. R: do you know every day you do good things , right practice heal and heal other its become a habit or strong foundation roots for you and your major.? U: I know I do right thing , I help and heal lives . R: do you know whatever you do, or talking about it is a part of evidence prove to the court , system, world embassies, and everybody knows about you at the judgment day? Judgment day means a day when lives being judge by lives around itself, when justice, fairy, laws, rules, legal act and action taking to lives. U: I know what people do, they will learn their lessons for what they did. R: do you know act legal, polite, intelligent mean nicer looking? U : yes, I do . look polite and intelligent by the reflection of life show by the mirror . R: do you know why some people very normal thinking and looking perfect body? You: because they do right, act right .R: do you know when you work on your own project, it's your own business, mind other lives business? U: i do my own business , none of other business. R: do you know some lives can put up news, court, public work, and many things example leading other lives to commit to classes and activities? You: I do, that why I don't get near them or deny connection with them because I have my own business tell the court none of my business, I am not following the lead of nobody, I am innocence.Or do you know the truth about winning a lottery? you: yes , I know , stay home for all safety , work on own project , do not put other to work when winning money , give some money donation for world embassies help and heal lives only, and doing meditation or yoga at least one year to get the winning numbers appear while thinking, doing good will and lucky chance. That is it for now .Contact website more info about the investigation https// places and how to cash money )
https// ( this is the place to cash real money)
http// or ( more info)
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