My Favourite Quotes in English

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humans do any work just because of 7 reasons:
3. nature

we must always remember this prayer:
oh God ! what ever could be changed ,give me the courage to change it and whatever cannot be changed ,give the courage to accept it.

At the time of rising be respectful to everyone because while falling you will meet the same person.

Don't make your girl child like a moon that everyone stare at her rather make her like a sun so that before staring they bow their evil eyes.

The one who takes their mom and dad to heaven is son but the one who brings heaven to the house is daughter.

Don't even dare to try out the love of your daughter she is like a flower ,don't make her cry.
we have a very less time with a daughter in the adventure or ride of life
they spend the minimum time with us.

Father and mother are like:

when they are with us we don't have any feelings for them but when they are not with us we feel a lot.

To live a peaceful life there are just two possible ways:
1. forgive them to whom we can't forget
2.forget them to whom we can't forgive

Every happiness is not close to our heart
life is not rid of sadness
so my friends be passed with friendship because everyone doesn't have such serendipity to have friendship in their life.

we have a very special relationship with our mother because all the relations are made after our birth but the relation with our mother is made prior to our birth I.e. before nine months.

praise yourself because whole world is here to just criticize you.

In this kaliyug as much money may fall but it will never fall like man has fell for it.

The one who has expectations and aspirations they don't lose even if they lose.

The most beautiful thing which you should always remember is that seeing you happy is the biggest punishment for your enemies.

more the trust is precious more expensive is the betrayal.

flower may be as much beautiful but praises are for its pleasant smell.

how much big the man may be in terms of money but he will always be recognized by his behaviour.

whatever you give to others will come back to you whether it is respect or betrayal.

don't raise your voice to other rather make your personality in such a way that others wait for your voice.



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