Stop cruelty against animals

Writer Photo SONIA PARUTHI Mon 8th May 2017      Write your Article
Through this article I would like to bring concern towards cruelty against animals.....

Animal is a splendiferus creation of God which is being brutally exploited by humans. They even have the right to live but humans are so stone hearted that he is taking away the breaths of of these pulchritudinous creations.

We are killing these alluring creations for our own various aspects of life such as to adorn our houses, to attire beautiful clothes, medicinal purposes, etc. We have no right to kill animals. Human himself is becoming the worst enemy of his fellow creature.

It is always said that humanity dwells up in the heart of every human but nowadays humanity has vanished away like a bubble in air. Earlier animals like cow,..... And many more... were treated as god but now they are being killed for the finest leather.

Killing of animals has resulted in ecological imbalance. It is destroying the stunning beauty of nature. The kind relationship between human and animal has taken the shape of cruelty.

We, the cruel people are killing the innocent animals for ourselves. How hungry a man is that he is chopping the animals to be served in their plates but umpteen thanks to UP government that they took a measure in relation to this. They have banned the illegal slotted shops.

In the present era our government has taken some initiatives to preserve the staggering creations such as they have opened biosphere reserves, wildlife sanctuaries. Also wildlife protection act was implemented. All these steps are taken by the government but what about us....

Individually, we must strictly follow all the laws implemented by our government. We should respect these creations. We need to take some measures to prevent these gratifying creations to conserve the divine nature. By killing animals we are commuting an atrocious deed. We need to stop hunting, poaching. If we will play with the lives of others, our life will give us thousand reasons to cry. Ultimately our life is on threat. So...... Conserve animals, conserve yourself......

Thank you.....
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